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Product Return

With our extensive industry experience and relationships, we match your product management challenges to the optimal processing center.

Secure Data

Whether you need a consumer or B2B program, our solution fits them all.

Logistics Tracking
& Reporting

Understanding where your product goes with streamlined reporting and real data that gives you transparency every step of the way.

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A smart and secure way to support your sustainability initiatives

MBS offers customized mail-back and take-back programs for a wide variety of materials for any size project.


Tailored take back programs for products and packaging.

Simplified return and tracking systems for non-hazardous wastes.

Take-back programs for prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Mail back solutions for biohazardous and infectious wastes.


Why Mailback Solutions?

As a producer, you may be accountable for implementing an EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) strategy to collect and responsibly manage your products.

Mailback Solutions Inc has developed a cloud-based platform that can help you rapidly implement a product stewardship program to protect your brand and products.

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